Reflections on Week 2

I found myself working  backwards as the blogs came in about the pitches this week – I went straight to the pitch and read it  first. I put myself in the position of not knowing who you were at all. And in most cases, I didn’t Then the question was- did it grab me?  Did it make me want to hear your music. Suffice to say I’ve heard a  goodly bit of music this week .And apart from whatever other skills many of you have there are novelists among you.

I’ve never been a blogger .My tendency has always been towards brevity-I privately kick myself in the ass about my inadequacies and scratch down song ideas in various  journals. So I’m greatly enjoying reading all of the entries from you seasoned blog practitioners. Jah love!

Blogamente week 2

Man this has been hard! As I tend to be eclectic-I get described quite differently depending upon what song people hear.So I’ve gone back through various comments made about me and this about sums up what people have said about my recorded material.

Folk,Celtic,Vaudeville,Showtunes and songs of murder all vying for equal time in a large voiced Beatles freak.  And then- there’s the Jazzy Elvis guy.

You can hear some complete tunes at

You can sample bits of all of my songs at

Thanks for any and all feedback.