Clutter, Mama and a secret prize

Over the past year I have made a conscious effort to de-clutter my life   I periodically do this –go through my closet and look at the things I have not worn  since I bought them quite dispassionately say “you’re outta here” and get them off to  a thrift store .  Same with books, tools ,things I’ve inherited  but  have no room  or taste for.  But this year it has been about curbing the habit of accumulating things I don’t need or have the time for.

So the week 4 challenge was approached with that attitude.

I confess to a jaundiced view of Twitter. I’ve seen too many self absorbed statements from some hyped up reality star being treated as hard news.

As I said in response to watching the Twitter in Plain English video.  I do not believe that life is what happens between blogs and that that is the reason you should Twitter.  Life is what happens when you’re not constantly writing about it .

Life needs it sweet mysteries. Life needs surprise .  I do not feel the need to be a 24 hour news cycle of myself.

But launching my opinions about Twitter without trying it would be wrong so I signed up .  I’m rossdouglas2u if anyone is interested and right now I ‘m patting my 3 legged cat named Mama.

I share pictures on Facebook- I don’t have thousands of pictures so Flickr’ is not yet something I need.  And most of the pictures are not of me –Mama features prominently.

I’m more drawn to the music sharing areas –so this week I created a Facebook band site and put some stuff up on Music Alley. I now for some reason have two Facebook band sites  and have not yet figured how to delete one of them so my technical brilliance continues.

When I get around to employing it I think the widget idea is a great one –updating everything in one fell swoop is very appealing.

But the fact is – I don’t have the time to make effective use of all this stuff.

To pursue all of it right now would be to create a clutter of things I may never get to.

So I’m picking one or two apples off the tree and leaving the others to bonk me on the head when I can make the best use of them.


I’m recording some new songs right now and that’s exciting  – working with new musicians, crafting tunes.   I’ll be sharing them in due course -in fact, if you’re reading this-send me your email address and I’ll send you a new tune.


And since I mentioned her a couple of times –Here’s a link to  Mama

2 thoughts on “Clutter, Mama and a secret prize

  1. I agree Ross. The balance between sharing and over sharing is a delicate one. What ever you’re comfortable with is what your followers will come to expect. Being yourself is more important than being a media outlet.

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