Driving Burning and a Uke

I was very busy with practical stuff this week –I drove a lot-probably about 500 miles doing this that and the other. I have a variable commute – I live in Point Roberts Washington and work primarily in Vancouver(about a 20 -25 mile jaunt) and Seattle (an respectable 140.) This week I was summoned down to Seattle once and to Vancouver 5 times. Toss in some medium sized trips to attend some musical happenings and it felt like I was always driving. It normally doesn’t bother me as it gives me time for extended thought and a break from the ever present computer screen –but of course this week it was one traffic snarl after another. I had some dire thoughts –dark shameful thoughts about my fellow man on several occasions .I confess to wishing many of them ill. Loudly. It wore me out.

Saturday was the day I slotted for cleaning up our property and I busted my ass at that for several hours. I loved the fresh air and a chance to build a fire and burn things . There’s a very basic contentment that settles in when you build and tend a fire over a number of hours .  But by about 4pm I was tired, smoky and ready to deal with my little music room that was a complete mess as I was rearranging things .

But Shite!  I realized earlier that I too had received the non updated version of the Challenge book.  Coming up with a YouTube video was the task at hand.   So here is one recorded on Saturday amongst the rubble of my room, bagged after a long week  and smelling like burnt alder.  All I had in me was goofiness so here’s a uke tune.-Kokanee Canary Canoe



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