Week 6 -Blogging -I’m a Goofy Uncle

I’ve been scanning all sorts of music related blogs this last week and one thing has become abundantly clear –  I’m older.  Virtually every one of the industry blogs I encountered was written by someone a goodly number of years my junior. And good on em. A lot of them were so smart -I read a particularly entertaining one  at NME debating the greatest lyricists of our time. But for the most part, while loving the snippets of lyrics and the vigorous exchanges  I didn’t know enough of the music. There is a lot or ear opening to do. In our own group -Sioux Newberry rattling off about 20 indie blogs in the Toronto area alone. That’s fantastic! – The current music scene is so vital – the heart and soul of it so terrific. I feel like some goofy uncle in the face of it.

I come from a different place and have had a bit of a time finding music blogs I’d contribute to. There have been a few-but I found that  I’m actually helping things in reverse-that in my searching I’ve discovered a couple of great artists and a wonderful website  and want to give them more exposure.

So this may well be the beginning of The Goofy Uncle Blog series.  Nah-I’m too handsome.

Here are a couple of blogs/contributor sites



And here are 3 things you must check out






3 thoughts on “Week 6 -Blogging -I’m a Goofy Uncle

    • Thanks Aynsley.
      A Deep Blogging world-well put -it’s a vast ocean. Any other great things I find I’ll be sure to pass along. The GUB series-yikes i’ve been branded!

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